6 Tips for Selling Your Property in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a vibrant, thriving city that continues to attract families and young professionals. Due to its continued growth and wide range of amenities, homes in the Washington D.C. area are in high demand, creating a seller’s market. New residents and those who want to upsize their living arrangements seek homes in dynamic neighborhoods like Columbia Heights and Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. but with their own unique features and dining and shopping opportunities within walking distance. If you have a Columbia Heights home or property in Dupont Circle you are ready to list, you’ve chosen a perfect time to sell. To ensure you take full advantage of the market conditions, consider the following selling tips.

Tip #1: Price it competitively

Don’t be tempted to inflate the price of your home simply because demand is high. Homes for sale in Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights that are priced right will attract the most buyers. The average homes in the Washington D.C. area sell for approximately 2-4% over list price and hot homes can easily sell for 15% over list price, so it’s likely you’ll still get more than you ask for if you play your cards right. The most reliable way to price homes competitively is to have your Columbia Heights real estate agent perform a comparative market analysis that looks at what similar homes have recently sold for in the area and base your price off that data.

Tip #2: Understand your goals for selling

Owners list homes for sale in Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights for various reasons and understanding yours will help you develop a selling strategy and choose the right offer should you get multiple buyers interested in your home. Are you selling because you have gotten a job in a new city and need to make the move as soon as possible? If so, streamlining the listing process and choosing an offer from a seller who is willing to close quickly should be your top goals. Want to sell your current home so you can upsize to a more luxurious home? Then your main goal needs to be getting top dollar for your home so you can put as much as possible toward your purchase. Understanding and communicating your selling goals to your agent greatly increases your odds of achieving them.

Tip #3: Know where you’ll go

Unless you’ve already purchased one of the homes for sale in Dupont Circle, you are going to be in a position of needing to buy and sell homes at the same time. This can be stressful, especially if the timing doesn’t go your way. In this type of competitive market, it’s likely that your home will sell before you can find a new one you want to buy. Plan for this contingency by having your Columbia Heights real estate agent connect you with short-term rental options or make a plan to move in with family members to take the pressure off the home search and reduce the chances of buying a home that doesn’t really fit your needs just so you have a place to live.

Tip #4: Stage it

Yes, you may have interested buyers lined up to see your property, but you still need to impress them when they walk in the door. One way to make a great impression is to have your home staged. Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights houses for sale that are professionally staged sell more quickly and for more money than those that are not and it’s well worth the investment to work with a pro. If you decide you want to stage your home yourself, make sure you follow best practices such as decluttering each room, removing your personality, and taking out excess furniture that can make rooms look cramped. If you plan to mainly market your home online, you can also choose to have it virtually staged to appeal to buyers who are searching for their next house on the internet.

Tip #5: Focus on curb appeal

Prospective buyers may not even make it to the interior of your home if you don’t first wow them with your curb appeal. Columbia Heights houses for sale need to have a landscaped yard that is trimmed and tidy and have no visible signs of damage to the walkway, driveway, or front porch area. You can take your curb appeal to the next level by painting or replacing your front or garage door, putting some high-quality planters filled with colorful flowers near the entrance, and placing some high-end outdoor furniture on your porch. The more welcoming you can make your exterior, the more encouraged your buyers will be to explore further.

Tip #6: Market it online

According to recent research, 97% of buyers search for a home online. Homes for sale in Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights that are backed by strategic online marketing plans will stand out to buyers and get the most interest. A strong online marketing plan includes the use of a landing page, social media ads, Google ads, and a retargeting campaign to ensure your home shows up in search results and stays top-of-mind while buyers continue their online search. Work with an experienced Dupont Circle real estate agent who has an in-house marketing specialist or partners with an outside marketing firm to ensure your home is being marketed to your ideal buyer.

Ready to sell your Washington D.C.-area home? There’s no better time than now to list Dupont Circle or Columbia Heights houses for sale due to ideal market conditions and strong buyer interest. If you want to take the next step, reach out to one of the trusted agents on the Center Circle Groupe for expert guidance.




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