Top 13 Amenities Luxury Buyers Are Looking For

Luxury homes are set apart due to their many luxurious features, allowing the homeowner to feel pampered, comfortable, and indulged. When considering luxury real estate, compare it to a royal lifestyle with wealth and extravagance. What are the features that purchasers in the luxury market desire most?

Our team at Center Circle wants you to find ultimate success in luxury real estate, so we’ve put together a list of amenities luxury buyers want to help you improve your home value. Washington, D.C., mansions are always impressive, but enhancing the comforts of the home is a great way to make it even more valuable. Whether you have Dupont Circle real estate you’re hoping to sell or are interested in listing something in Georgetown, the Circle Group has your back.

Read on to learn everything your luxury buyers want in a home, such as swimming pools, saunas, in-home gyms, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, and fully updated kitchens (you may be surprised at the simplicity of these additions).

1. Open floor plans

You don’t have to overcomplicate luxury. Think “open” and “spacious,” and you’re already close to achieving a luxury goal. Without an impressive doorway, roomy staircases, and a vast, airy floor layout, a house cannot be considered a luxury property. If your home feels more den-like than welcoming, this is a sure sign that it won’t appeal to luxury buyers.

2. Technology

No matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid the onslaught of technical advancements. While many builders cater to techy trends, sometimes you’ll need to update your home to keep it relevant in the luxury market. Buyers want it all when it comes to smart technology.

It’s possible to manage practically everything about your home through technology, such as locking your doors, controlling the climate, adjusting the lights, and even setting the alarm system anywhere on the globe. With the right technology, all it takes is a push of a button to create the home setting of your dreams.

Today’s luxury buyers are looking for these built-in features to add convenience and comfort to their homes. They want a wireless home automation system and plenty of smart technology.

3. Fully-stocked kitchen

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The kitchen is the center of the house, and while not all your luxury buyers will love to cook, they all want a stunning kitchen. If you’re hoping to increase the value of your home, make sure it has a superb kitchen. That means commercial-grade appliances, wine fridges, storage space, an open layout, and even food-warming drawers. Make sure there is a pantry that’s easily accessible and plenty of lighting to keep the space welcoming and bright.

4. Grand outdoor spaces

Anyone looking to live the luxury lifestyle wants to extend their living space into the outdoors. Simply furnishing and styling the indoor space isn’t enough. Consider adding an outdoor kitchen area with a built-in gas grill, a sink, and stainless food prep area. You want it to have a small refrigerator for food and drink storage. Be sure to set it on an opulent stone patio, so the space is suitable for hosting.

But don’t stop there. Add value and luxury to a home by installing a breathtaking pool, hot tub, and cabana for relaxation. Make the area feel like an oasis by adding calming elements like waterfalls and plants for privacy.

5. The perfect setting

This is a big determiner of whether a property can be considered luxurious. It has to be in the right location, and that location has to provide a setting luxury buyers desire. You want your property to seem large and private, with plenty of trees or gates (plant tall hedges and install locked gates wherever feasible). It needs to feel like an exclusive haven where its owners can find refuge and unwind in peace. Ideally, your house is in a prime location; some buyers prefer to be close to shops, restaurants, or nature spots. The better the location, the higher the price of the home.

6. Entertainment spaces

A luxury home isn’t a luxury home without the right entertainment spaces. Having a gaming or movie room has always been a favorite. Many modern buyers want to push the entertainment trend by including even more in their homes. You may choose a basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, and a fancy sports bar with a big television and liquor cabinets. The more distinctive the entertainment options in a home, the better.

7. Sumptuous bathrooms

Luxury buyers don’t want to see crusty bathrooms. The more relaxing and spa-like you can make the bathrooms, the more likely a buyer will appreciate the space. Make sure there is plenty of opportunity for someone to rest and unwind. A large soaking tub is a great option, as are radiant heated floors, head-to-toe showers, and towel warmers.

8. Fitness spaces

Very few serious buyers want to join community gyms. They prefer access to private workout areas in their homes. The ultimate luxury home gym will have lots of room to fit the desired weights and equipment. It’s also good to have built-in wireless speakers, televisions, and even a sauna or indoor pool.

9. Impressive bedrooms

Luxury shouldn't end when a person enters their bedroom. A bedroom is a crucial place where buyers are looking for luxury. Bedrooms must be spacious, providing plenty of room for storage and lounging. Enhance the bedroom with an integrated automation system for lighting, security, wake-up alarms, and climate control.

10. Excellent closets and ample storage space

Plentiful storage is a must in luxury real estate, which applies to closets. When you think there’s enough storage, consider adding more. This is where a potential buyer will keep their valuables or exhibit their expensive purchases, such as shoes and purses. A proper closet is often a top priority for luxury buyers.

Both men and women want sizable private spaces where they may comfortably dress and store their designer clothing. Make sure to add plenty of shelving to hold shoes, handbags, and ties, as well as hanging spaces for other clothing items. Don’t forget to enhance the room with extra lighting and mirrors to keep the area bright and spacious.

11. Community spaces

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Buyers in the luxury market are looking for a great place to live, raise a family, or host friends. You absolutely cannot forget about providing plenty of community spaces. Single-family homes should have plenty of community areas like living rooms, a big backyard, and entertainment rooms. For a condo, there should be a variety of community areas for a resident to enjoy, host, and have fun, such as a rooftop pool, theater, or community kitchen.

12. A dramatic view

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No matter how opulent the home is on the interior, a buyer won’t fully appreciate it without a stunning view. The best luxury homes have a balcony or patio that perfectly overlooks your surroundings. Showcasing your home’s primacy is a great way to ensure you get top-dollar buyers. Think of ways to create a soothing, tranquil, and pleasant experience.

13. Privacy supported by security

As mentioned, luxury buyers are looking for a place to be secluded and safe from prying eyes. They want to take full advantage of the conveniences in their home, which means having the security and privacy to do so. These two features are considered the most significant luxury for many high-end buyers, especially famous or celebrity buyers.
Enhancing the smart security in a home is a great way to make it more appealing to luxury buyers. If you expect someone to pay top dollar for your home, the least you can do is ensure they’ll feel secure inside the property. While that doesn’t mean a property needs to exist inside a guarded gated community, it does mean that updating the security cameras, smart locks, and alarm systems will increase the perceived value of a home.
Make sure you’ve done everything you can to update the security and improve the privacy of a home to appeal best to luxury buyers.

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